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    約2000年以上の歴史を持つ秩父神社。 その秩父神社を舞台の中心に、 国内外から約3,000名の来場者を誇る日本屈指のウイスキーイベント「秩父ウイスキー祭」。




    2月18日(火)に弊社オンラインショップ「THE ULTIMATE SHOP」で販売を開始いたします。


    With an ancient history “Chichibu Shrine”. It will be held at the shrine to center stage, one of the biggest whisky festivals in Japan boasting about 3,000 visitors from entirely Japan and overseas. It’s called “Chichibu Whisk(e)y Matsuri”. The official private bottles, which were bottled to commemorate of the festival, have attracted hot attention as collector’s bottles for many whisky fans not only in Japan but also from overseas. This year, After careful discussions and tastings, the official private bottles for 2020 were selected by The Chichibu Whisk(e)y Festival Executive Committee and Mr. Kitakaji, the well-known whisky buyer. Cheers to the six kinds of whiskies have rich characters!
    2月18日(火)より販売開始予定ご購入はこちらからTHE ULTIMATE SPIRITS PC : http://ultimatespirits.jp/html/page4.htmlスマホ : http://ultimatespirits.jp/smartphone/page1.html